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Hello, I am the creator of this page!

About Me

Hello, my name is Lexy Schroeder, and I am the creator of this page. I am a student at Western Technical college going for Web and Software Development. I took a two-semester course online in high school that dealt with mainly Java programming. This is what started me off in my decision to continue learning more about programming.

Other than studying and focusing on school, I enjoy going fishing and being in the great outdoors. I also enjoy playing basketball. I am playing on the Western Technical college's women's basketball team for the next two seasons. During the last year of my schooling at Western Technical college, I hope to get the opportunity to get a paid internship. The money would help me out a lot for paying off student loans, and it will exponentially help with learning more and applying my knowledge in a real-life situation. After college I'm looking forward to finding a life time career that I can grow and learn in. Also, I wish to go back to school for a higher degree, so I can hopefully learn more about certain programming languages in depth.

Now that I am completed with my first semester at Western Technical College, I have knowledge in SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I created this webpage to try out what I learned from my first semester. In the blog section of my webpage, I have posts about different topics in programming from what I’ve learned. Everything I talk in the blog posts are based off the notes I took in class. I have a photo gallery of pictures I’ve taken and some that I have edited myself in my free time. The photo gallery was just something I wanted to add to practice coding buttons with JavaScript. I wanted to practice with CSS also so some of my pages have different fonts just simply because I wanted to try some new stuff out. I have a contact page where you can contact me about my website if you have any feedback or questions.